Shore Seekers Club News

Feb. 13, 2017
Club elections were held. Existing officers (Bill Draper, Ed Donovan, Andy Nunez, Craig East & Julie Pryor) were nominated and returned to their respective positions. Congratulations to all officers.

For Treasure Hunter of the Year, Bill nominated the team of Paul and Darlene. They always go to look for lost rings at the beach and help with the big pay hunts at Assateague. Marty also mentioned Paul and Darlene's helpfulness with a project for disadvantaged children. Craig nominated Marty for a variety of reasons. He continues to sell raffle tickets, he made and donated a Finds mat and he brings clam chowder and other refreshements to the meetings. Both nominees were seconded and after a vote, Marty was named Treasure Hunter Of The Year 2016. Congratulations to all worthy nominees.

We also voted for 2016 Find of the Year. Entries were:

4 or 8 cob reale - Craig East
1687 cut cob reale - John Rebman
group of large cannon ball, small cannon ball & two stone axe heads - Marty Pratt
1681 silver Polish groschen - Ron Carter
14k crucifix - Barbara Peters
1941 Mercury dime - Karen Goodyear
.925 silver ring with emeralds - Tony Goodyear
1600's-era no-date cob - Bill Draper
1662 cut cob reale - Phil Kemmerlin
1691 Limerick half penny - Mitch Mitchell
1788 VOC duit coin (New York penny) - Les Sherrill
small porcelain button - Margaret Bush

Congratulations to all. Craig & Marty will each receive a prize for winning their respective honors.

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