September 2017 Finds of The Month

signifies winner
"CH" signifies item found on club hunt

Oldest Identifiable Coin
ItemFound By
1743 George II pennyPhil Kemmerlin (AT Pro)
Philip V half real CHEd Donovan
1818 US large cent CHBob Jones
1834 US large cent CHDan Spielman
1859 Indian Head penny CHBarbara Peters
1864 Indian Head pennyJohn Rebman
1902 Barber quarterMike Beaman
1904 Barber dime CHWayne Martin
1919 wheat penny CHBill Draper
1941 nickelTony Goodyear
1949 wheat pennyKaren Goodyear

Club Favorite
ItemFound By
1783 Mexican 1 real CHBob Jones (Minelab CTX 3030)
182? US large centAndy Nunez
1854 Seated Liberty dimePhil Kemmerlin
1866/67 shield nickel CHBarbara Peters
1881 Indian Head pennyJohn Rebman
1888 Indian Head pennyDan Spielman
1891 Indian Head pennyTony Goodyear
No date Indian Head pennyEd Donovan
1911 V nickel Les Sherrill
1912 Barber dimeMitch Mitchell
1919 wheat penny CHMarty Pratt
1923 wheat pennyCraig East
1932 wheat pennyBill Draper
1971 Kennedy half dollarKaren Goodyear

ItemFound By
Watch fob (Fairbanks Morse)Bill Draper (Deus XP)
HorseshoeEd Donovan
Button CHJulie Pryor
Old key CHBob Jones
Part of a horse combDan Spielman
Toy cap pistolPhil Kemmerlin
Lock (Reese)Craig East
RosetteJohn Rebman
Small old D buckleKaren Goodyear
Small cuff button w/ flower designAndy Nunez
Handmade hammerheadBob Heimert
MusketballTony Goodyear
Small cuff button CHBarbara Peters
Buckle w/ tongue and roller CHMarty Pratt
Small lead shotMike Beaman

ItemFound By
14K ring w/ sapphires and diamondsBarbara Peters (Minelab 705)
Sterling ringBob Jones
Costume jewelry owl pendantJulie Pryor
Large Fancy button CHBill Draper
Silver-colored earringTony Goodyear
Silver pendantKaren Goodyear
Silver-colored earringMarty Pratt
Child's ring or toe ringDan Spielman
18K plated ringPhil Kemmerlin

ItemFound By
Silver spoon w/ Baltimore etched on itPhil Kemmerlin (AT Pro)
Flat button (“Warranted treble gold”)Andy Nunez
Jack's 2 oz. base trotter (horse) weightEd Donovan
1943 steel pennyMike Beaman
Yellow cab hat badge emblemCraig East
BuckleDan Spielman
Small button CHBob Jones
Old glass bead CHJulie Pryor
Fidget spinnerBarbara Peters
H. Distin & Sons Philadelphia saw badgeBill Draper
Button w/ designJohn Rebman
Arrowhead CHMarty Pratt
"Whatchamacallit" w/ designKaren Goodyear
Couple of lead sealsTony Goodyear

ItemFound By
14K diamond ring w/ 15 chipsBarbara Peters (Minelab 705)
Toy Hot WheelsBob Jones
Turtle sand moldBob Heimert
2 toy cars from movie CarsKaren Goodyear
Photo of woman holding a cell phone (he found cell phone and turned it in)Tony Goodyear
Celtic knot pendantDan Spielman
Cross necklace w/ no markingsMarty Pratt

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