March 2019 Finds of The Month

signifies winner
"CH" signifies item found on club hunt

Oldest Identifiable Coin
ItemFound By
1723 Hibernia halfpennyDan Spielman (XP Deus)
1746 George British pennyJeff Anderson
No date George II British pennyBob Shaffer
1780's Virginia halfpennyJohn Rebman
1793-1796 US large cent CHMike Beaman
1808 draped bust half centPhil Kemmerlin
1863 "fat" Indian head pennyLes Sherrill
1868 2-cent piece CHDoug Goodyear
1905 V nickelMike Slovikosky
1905 Indian head pennyTony Goodyear
1941 wheat penny CHEd Donovan

Club Favorite
ItemFound By
No date 2 realeTab Brannock (AT Pro)
No date half real CHBarbara Peters
No date half realJohn Rebman
Fake undated George III British pennyLes Sherrill
1812 Classic head US large centDoug Goodyear
1829 half dimeAndy Nunez
1831 US large centPhil Kemmerlin
No date US large centBob Shaffer
1876 Indian head penny CHMike Beaman
1898 Indian head pennyMichael Slovikosky
1903 Barber quarterTony Goodyear
1958 wheat pennyEd Donovan

ItemFound By
Pennsylvania railroad keyElaine Anderson (Equinox 800)
Picker's checkBob Shaffer
Porcelain fragmentBob Heimert
Nova Constellatio coinTab Brannock
Civil War eagle buttonTony Goodyear
BuckleMike Beaman
Colonial buckleJohn Rebman
1950's Wyatt Earp marshal badgeDoug Goodyear
Small button w/ writing?
Strap rivetEd Donovan
1813 British grape shot CHMarcus Lemasters
Floral buttonAndy Nunez
ButtonPhil Kemmerlin
ForkMike Slovikosky
5 tokensBill Mills

ItemFound By
Flower buttonDoug Goodyear (AT Pro)
Silver toe ringSusie Sullivan
US Army pinMike Beaman
Ring w/ "I" initialTony Goodyear
.925 silver mermaid earringBarbara Peters
Jewelry pieceBob Shaffer
Brass leaf braceletMarcus Lemasters
Half of a monogrammed cufflinkLes Sherrill
Mood ringEd Donovan

ItemFound By
Silver cuff buttonTony Goodyear (AT Pro)
Inspection coverMike Beaman
Toy pistol remainsBob Heimert
25¢ tokenJeff Anderson
Silver medallionBob Shaffer
Tiny cuff button CH Doug Wilkerson
Colonial single loop buckle CH Doug Goodyear
North Carolina confederate buttonJohn Rebman
1919 NY dog tagElaine Anderson
Scout neckerchief slideEd Donovan
Suspender buckleLes Sherrill
Mako shark toothMike Slovikosky
Buffalo nickelPhil Kemmerlin
Aluminum buttonBill Mills

ItemFound By
Silver ring w/ onyxMarcus Lemasters
10K earringManny Ortiz
Sliver of silverSusie Sullivan
Bronze necklace and 2 quarters from same holeTony Goodyear
Pin (surface find)Mike Beaman
1942 Canadian pennyBarbara Peters
"Miracle on the Ice" flattened pennyAmy Taylor

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