January 2019 Finds of The Month

signifies winner
"CH" signifies item found on club hunt

Oldest Identifiable Coin
ItemFound By
Circa 1760's George II British penny CHBill Mills (AT Pro)
1774 George III British pennyDoug Goodyear
Circa 1770's George III British penny CHPhil Kemmerlin
1783 half realeAndy Nunez
1911 wheat penny CHTony Goodyear
1918 wheat penny Mike Beaman
1928 wheat penny John Rebman

Club Favorite
ItemFound By
1853 3-cent pieceJohn Rebman (XP Deus)
1842 U.S. large cent CHBill Mills
1855 Seated Liberty dimePhil Kemmerlin
1859 Indian head penny CHTony Goodyear
1871 Indian head pennyAndy Nunez
1887 Indian head pennyDoug Goodyear
1936 wheat pennyBob Shaffer

ItemFound By
Iron buckle CHMike Corbin (AT Pro)
Eagle buttonJohn Rebman
Lock face from door CHTony Goodyear
Tombac button CHMarcus Lemasters
WW I "Son in Service" pinDoug Goodyear
Tombac buttonAndy Nunez
Colonial spectacle bucklePhil Kemmerlin
SpoonBob Shaffer
Cape button CHBill Mills
Part of shoe buckleMike Beaman

ItemFound By
Decorative watch winderJohn Rebman (XP Deus)
Brass ring CHMarcus Lemasters
Bracelet charmMike Beaman
Silver dolphin charm?
1800's cape button w/ design CHDoug Goodyear
Gold-plated ring CHBill Mills
Engraved silver cuff link CHCynthia Fassel
Dog tagBob Shaffer

ItemFound By
Gold-plated cigarette case CHTony Goodyear
MatchboxMike Corbin
Trade token $1.00 CHJohn Rebman
Padlock "Toico"?
1923 MD public school track and field medalDoug Goodyear
Plastic school money coinCindy Mancuso
Tiny lead shotAndy Nunez
Flat buttonPhil Kemmerlin
Button w/ no shankCynthia Fassel
"3" token CHBob Shaffer
ButtonBill Mills
Truck medallion CHBob Heimert

ItemFound By
Sacred Heart pin (“Italy”)Mike Beaman (AT Pro)
Seashell ankle braceletTony Goodyear

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