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 November 2015The Newsletter of the Shore Seekers Artifact & Recovery Club Vol. 26, No. 11 
The Shore Seekers Artifact & Recovery Club is a proud member of the FMDAC

From The President's Desk

Our October hunt was over-ruled by our once a year members' only hunt at Assateague and we couldn't have picked a better day. It was warm and sunny with a light wind and there was plenty of beach. Sixteen hunters participated and were rewarded with prizes galore. Everyone enjoyed themselves. I know I did and I even managed to win a few small prizes.

Many thanks to V.P. Ed Donovan for his "Pennies from Heaven" hunt. The big prize in this hunt, a Garrett AT Pro, was won by Tony Goodyear using his Bounty Hunter! This hunt was interesting and fun. Great job, Ed!

Thanks to Andy Nunez for his excellent spur of the moment hunt. Congratulations to top prize winner Darlene Stevens who took home the White's Coinmaster.

Paul Stevens put on his usual terrific multi-hunt with multiple targets. The big winner here was Les Sherrill, who walked away with a Garrett pinpointer. Thanks to Paul for his early efforts staking out the boundaries for the hunt field.

Finally, thanks to the tireless efforts of Mitch Mitchell who did such a good job on the Dig-Don't Dig Skill hunt. He did a great job of fooling all of us. There was a three-way tie and after a number of tiebreakers, the top three were Paul Beckerman, Darlene Stevens and Andy Nunez. Paul walked away with a Garrett pinpointer as first place winner, while second place Darlene took home a Garrett digging tool and Andy scored a pair of headphones for coming in a close third. Congratulations to all three of these hunters for their skill.

All in all, it was a great day, even though I was battling a cold. I enjoyed watching everyone having fun and felt much better by the time the day was over. This year's hunt was a great success. Here's to an even bigger time next year!

* * *

Keep your eyes open for e-mails from Julie. Lots of fields are opening up and we might be having some hunts outside of our normal hunt days. We have to take advantage of the sites while we can.

* * *

That's all for this month's abbreviated hunt report. I'll see you at the meeting on the 9th and in the field.

Bill Draper,
(and Huntmaster)

Club Minutes

The last meeting of the SHORE SEEKERS Artifact and Recovery Club was held on Monday, October 12 at 7:00 p.m. at the Mt. Hermon UMC Community Hall.

The winner of the uncirculated George Washington commemorative 90% silver half dollar raffle was Ed Donovan. (This drawing brought in $51.)

Magazine raffle winners were Maria Andrada, Dennis Dellies, Jerry McClymont, Tab Brannock and Dan Spielman. Thanks to Jeff and Elaine Anderson and Sonny Willing for their donation.

Thanks to John Johnson for bringing refreshments.


Extra copies of THE SEEKER were available.


Minutes were approved as distributed.

The treasurer gave his report.

Bill apologized for not having the pay hunt on October 10. It will now take the place of the regular monthly club hunt.

Bill showed off the use of side baskets and scoops and advised people to turn their discrimination down.

Team leaders explained their hunts. Paul will have coins, prize tokens and other stuff in the hunt field. He'll try to make the hunt field as large as possible. (Paul suggested thinking about having hunt on beach at OC next year - sand is better, etc., don't need to have insurance policy any more). Andy will have a poker hunt. Hunters can only keep three cards they find, highest hand wins top prize of a White's Coinmaster. All cards are good for a coin so everyone will win something. Mitch will run the Dig-Don't Dig hunt. There will be stations to evaluate whether to dig or not dig a target. Ed's hunt is called Pennies from Heaven. There will be lots of pennies in the field, with some marked as prize tokens. Top prize is a Garrett AT Pro.


Bill Mills mentioned an Allen and Marshall auction in Laurel, DE on November 14 where old metal detectors will be available for sale. He passed around a flyer for this he made from info on the internet. Other members mentioned that there is a coin show in OC on the last weekend of October.

Bill mentioned that a former member has an older metal sand scoop available for sale. Mitch is selling a Tesoro Tejon w/ extra coil, earphones, manual. It works great and is over $1000 of equipment. If interested, see Mitch after the meeting.

John Johnson showed a material called Plast-Aid which is available online. It is epoxy-like and can be used to replace/repair broken tabs on metal detector coils. It is a very tough substance, is drillable and it sets up within five minutes.

John Rebman donated a pressing of an Edward the Confessor penny on a lead disk to a museum in the UK last year. The museum sent him a certificate in recognition. Paul Stevens also made a donation of a contemporary cast copy of a Roman coin to the same museum. John presented a certificate to Paul.

Barbara is working on options for the Christmas party. Members offered suggestions. A decision will be made soon.


The Assateague hunt will take the place of the regular hunt. If a spot comes up, please watch your e-mail for details.

The winner of the 50/50 raffle was Tab Brannock. He and the club split the $60 pot.

Julie Pryor,

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