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 July 2017The Newsletter of the Shore Seekers Artifact & Recovery Club Vol. 28, No. 6 
The Shore Seekers Artifact & Recovery Club is a proud member of the FMDAC

From The President's Desk

Our June hunt was a fun one and the weather was beautiful. A group of at least 25 Seekers met at the local Shorebirds stadium parking lot which was closer to our hunt site than the usual Fruitland clubhouse. I had lined up a place for us in the Parsonsburg area - a huge property that history tells us is where Revolutionary-era troops camped. We had hunted here once before but the owner told me that we had been in the wrong area and he clued me in on where we should have been. Armed with this new information, we were anxious to test our luck.

We arrived before 9:00 and I pointed out the boundaries to members. We only had permission to search on one side of the road but within an hour, the farmer showed up and after talking with him a little bit more, he gave the okay for the opposite side of the road as well. He told me he had planted beans but there was a germination period of about a week so we wouldn't hurt anything by digging. Finds were a bit scarce but I saw a few Indian head pennies, a couple of pieces of silver and some buttons. Later in the morning, the farmer's father came by. I knew him and he mentioned that he had some adjoining property where an old house used to be and that we were more than welcome to hunt there as well. I thanked him and told him that we'd take him up on his offer in the afternoon. I had asked members to meet at their vehicles around 11:30 so I let them know that the sooner we go away to eat lunch, the sooner we could return to search this new spot.

I had made arrangements for us to eat at Denny's and though it took a few minutes for them to seat us together, it wasn't long before cool drinks and some hot burgers and other items were placed before us. After a pleasant hour, those of us who decided to stick around and brave the heat were ready to get back to the fields.

We drove back to the area and made our way to our new spot. We gave it the old college try and did find a couple of buttons, buckles and wheat pennies but it became apparent that the original fields were more productive so we retreated to the morning hunt site. A few other nice finds popped up, including a nice 1814 large American penny, a rare 1773 Virginia halfpenny, one or two other silver coins and some more Indian heads. We called it quits around 4:00 but everyone agreed that it had been a fun day.

* * *

Hunts will be scarce now that farmers have put their beans in. I had been able to find a few fields after the farmers had planted corn earlier in the season, but now that they've put the beans in, too, it'll be even harder to find spots. I can't stress enough that you let me or any of the other officers know if you see a likely spot and we'll see what we can do.

* * *

Hunts now might come on the spur of the moment depending on the availability of sites. Plus, there's always the possibility of a beach hunt. Bill Winkler has agreed to lead us on one in areas he's familiar with and this might be a last minute call. Please keep your eyes on your e-mail.

* * *

Members are doing a better job of filling their holes and picking up trash. The only improvement that can be made is for us to work on stepping on the holes and mashing the dirt flat so that they're not as obvious to landowners and farmers.

* * *

Our joint hunt is still in the very early planning stages and we're open for volunteers and suggestions. If you'd like to help, contact any Shore Seeker or ESTC officer and we'll take it from there.

* * *

That's all for this month's hunt report. Don't forget to be at the next meeting on July 10th. If at all possible, we're planning a hunt for the following Saturday unless things change. As I said earlier, keep a look-out for those last minute e-mails. See you on the 10th.

Bill Draper,
Huntmaster and President

Club Minutes

The last meeting of the SHORE SEEKERS Artifact and Recovery Club was held on Monday, June 12 at 7:00 p.m. at the Mt. Hermon UMC Community Hall.

The winners of the Coins of Yesteryear, Britain's First Decimal Coinage and Millard Fillmore Presidential Dollar sets were Ron Carter, John Fassel and Susie Sullivan. (This drawing brought in $40.)


Minutes were approved as distributed.

The treasurer gave his report.


Andy is writing another article about a former club hunt spot. If you have photos of any finds you made there that you'd like to share, he'll give you credit.

There was general talk of old hunt sites. Some of these are now solar farms and therefore off-limits.

Bill talked about last month's club hunt and all the nice finds members made.

Tony suggested having a group hunt on the beach at Ocean City during the summer, then meeting at Dumser's or another location to look over each other's finds.

Bill got call from a lady who had lost her phone at the beach or campground at Assateague. Bill called a couple of people to help look but they weren't able to go. Others asked if the park would allow hunting for these kinds of things during the usually off-limit summer season and Bill replied that it's usually on a case-by-case basis and it depends on the ranger in charge. Marty mentioned that it could be hard to narrow down an area where an item might have been lost since the park is over two miles long.

Bob Heimert read in the paper about a detectorist who had found a lost ring in Ocean City. The couple had been in the area celebrating their anniversary when the ring was lost.

Phil warned members to be careful when digging. He almost hit an underground utility/electrical wire.

Andy informed members that Jerry McClymont's daughter is recovering from a brain issue at the University Of Baltimore hospital. He also told members that Sonny's wife passed away recently and asked to please keep them all in your thoughts and prayers. He also told about local historian Kirk Mariner who recently died. Mr. Mariner wrote several interesting books that are useful for detecting.


There is no site yet for the June hunt. Please watch your e-mail for details.

The winner of the 50/50 raffle was Bob Shaffer. He and the club split the $36 pot.

Julie Pryor,

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