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 September 2016The Newsletter of the Shore Seekers Artifact & Recovery Club Vol. 27, No. 9 
The Shore Seekers Artifact & Recovery Club is a proud member of the FMDAC

From The President's Desk

Last month, we didn't have any hunts for me to report about. This month, we had two. Let's start at the beginning...

About a week or so before our August meeting, I was able to arrange a hunt at a spot that's usually off-limits to us. When out on one of my regular scouting missions, I noticed that sod had been removed from a field adjacent to a favorite location. I contacted the owner and he readily gave permission for a hunt, telling me that we always do a good job in taking care of his land and we are welcome any time there are no crops in.

Temperatures were hot that day but I saw some nice Indian heads, wheaties and silver dimes in the morning. We left a bit early for lunch and headed to Caesar's in Princess Anne where we were waited on promptly and had a chance to cool off while we ate some delicious chow. Most wanted to return so we were headed back to the field in a little less than an hour.

A few more goodies were found in the afternoon, including a Barber dime, more Indian heads and a nice capped bust half dime.

It was a fun day and everyone had a good time. The area has since been planted but when it's open, we have permission to return and I'm sure more good finds will be made.

* * *

Our second hunt of the month was on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. I noticed a field, recently cleared of potatoes, and met with the owner/farmer to ask for permission. The site was huge and as flat as Route 50. It was also adjacent to a historical site which would provide some shade and rest opportunities as there were a few picnic tables there. After I got permission from the owner, I talked to a member of the historical society who knew of our club and got the clearance for us to use the area if we needed to take a break. I also made arrangements for lunch at the Sub Station. Now we were all set.

Because of the extremely high temperatures forecast for our hunt day, I decided to leave a little earlier than usual. By the time we left the old Fruitland clubhouse, met more Seekers at the Virginia travel center south of the border, then made our way to the hunt spot, it was just around 9:30.

Members were rarin' to go. Many knew that a four reale cob had come out of this field and the day's finds were also exceptional. I saw cut coins, large American pennies, lots of Indian heads and wheaties, some silver dimes (both Barbers and Mercuries) and nice military buttons from 1812 and before.

We broke early for lunch and drove to the Sub Station where good food was delivered to us good and quick. Those who opted to brave the heat were back in the field in about an hour.

More good finds turned up in the afternoon: Barber dimes, large pennies and even an ancient coin from Rome. It was terribly hot and we took frequent breaks at the nearby shady spot I mentioned earlier. Thanks especially to Rev. David Parke who joined us as a guest and who was instrumental in seeing that we were allowed to have such a nice spot to relax in.

It was a great day for all. New and old members alike made some spectacular finds and it's a good feeling to see this. I'd like to return when the wheat is out and this is why it's so important to fill in holes and pick up trash: if the owner/farmer sees that we're taking care of his property, he'll be more likely to give us the okay for another hunt in the future.

* * *

Keep in mind that it's difficult to find hunt spots this time of year because of crops. If you see a possible site that looks good but you don’t have the time to check it out, refer it to me or the other officers and we'll take it from there.

* * *

We talked about our October 15 big hunt at the meeting. Since I hear that Andy is covering this in his column, I'll just mention a few brief things. We've agreed to up our budget to $1500 this year, but this is only if we have 20 paid members by our September 12 meeting. Our hunt fee is $40 this year and this will help to purchase some excellent prizes that we have in mind. We'll also be using this to get some terrific field coins - no stinkin' Lincolns this year! In fact, some of the finds we plan to put in the field are better than things we usually find while detecting. Please consider attending so we can make this hunt one for the ages. Bring your cash or check to the meeting or if you can't be there, mail your check to Craig at his home address.

Make your $40 check out to SHORE SEEKERS.

* * *

That's all for now. I enjoyed your company at the hunts and had lots of fun. I'm looking forward to doing it again - whenever. I'll see you at the meeting and in the field.

Bill Draper,
Huntmaster and President

Club Minutes

The last meeting of the SHORE SEEKERS Artifact and Recovery Club was held on Monday, August 8 at 7:00 p.m. at the Mt. Hermon UMC Community Hall.

The winner of the George Washington's birthday commemorative half dollar raffle was Mitch Mitchell. (This drawing brought in $57.)

Other raffle winners were Wayne Martin (detecting gloves) and Elaine Anderson (lead Civil War bullet replicas). Thanks to Phil Kemmerlin and Marty Pratt for donating these items. Magazine and cucumber raffle winners were Phil Kemmerlin, Bob Shaffer, Tab Brannock, John Rebman and Steve Sandoe. Thanks to Jeff and Elaine Anderson and Wayne Martin for their donations.

Thanks to John Johnson for bringing in donuts.

Thanks to Jeff Anderson for donating coin flips for people to put their coins in. This will help make identification easier for Finds of the Month (we just need a stapler.)

A guest was Bill Saveley, a friend of Bob Shaffer. He has been trying to find proof that the White Bird plane of Frenchmen Nungesser and Coli crashed in Maine in 1927 and is offering a reward. If interested in more particulars, please contact Bob.


Extra copies of THE SEEKER were available.


Minutes were approved as distributed. The treasurer gave his report. There was more talk of the Assateague hunt. Andy asked for suggestions and various members, including Wayne, Scott MacLane, Dan Solow, Tony and Paul, offered suggestions about prizes and location. All the suggestions have merit and while we might not be able to implement everything this year, we will certainly keep them in mind for the future. Everyone agrees that they would like more silver in the field and would prefer other prizes to a detector. Members voted to raise the hunt fee to $4o, thinking that an increased budget would draw more participation. Prizes are still dependent on have a certain level of paid hunters.

A provisional hunt date of October 15 (with a rain date of the following Saturday, October 22) was selected. We will need volunteers and have already formed a prize committee of officers and other helpers.

We talked more about the Christmas party. Phil looked into having something at the Hyatt but the cost was too high. Current options are Hemingway's, Blue Dog Café, EVO and Suicide Bridge. Please indicate your choice to Julie so we can make sure dates are available. A final selection will be made in September.


Scott MacLane showed off pictures of a children's event at Camp Barrett Elks Lodge Camp. The kids took turns using detectors to find planted bullets and costume jewelry. Several Shore Seekers helped: Wayne, Craig, Paul and Darlene and dual ESTC/Seekers Dan, Tab, Ed, Marty, Scott, Ron and Dennis. Scott thanked everyone for helping.

Tony would like to have a contest for finding the most pull tabs over the course of a year. Members would get a ticket for every 10 tabs they find and turn in. He'd like to have a silver pull tab necklace as a prize.

Dan Solow commented about the recent discussion concerning too many members on hunts. He suggested that if there are two hunts during the month, maybe people should only be allowed to attend one. Other members also made suggestions about carpooling or changing the hunt days around. This is a tough issue to resolve and we need more input if we’re to find a solution that works for the club and landowners alike. John Rebman mentioned that it’s not fair to put the onus on Bill to find all the hunts spots and suggests that the club might consider having each member provide a site every other year or so.


There is no spot for the August hunt yet. Please watch your e-mail for details.

The winner of the 50/50 raffle was John Rebman. He and the club split the $54 pot.

Julie Pryor,

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